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Renee Torgenson Memorial Scholarship

Torgenson Law is a Phoenix, Arizona injury law firm dedicated to the advancement of equality, impartiality, and access to justice for everyone, regardless of their economic situation.  As such, Torgenson Law is excited to offer a $1000 scholarship three times per year to a current law student enrolled in an accredited law school who shares the same values and who wants to devote their career to helping real people get justice while treating them with honesty, truth, and respect, just like my grandma, Renee Torgenson, would have loved.

Because the notion of equality in justice is a crucial aspect of law; candidates must demonstrate their passion to use justice to improve their community and help real people.  Ideal candidates must exhibit related values within their research, volunteer work, prior job experience, or extra curricular activities.

The deadlines to submit your application are April 30, August 31, and December 31.

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